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CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for airports

CCTV / IP video surveillance solutions for airports

Modern video surveillance in airports requires flexible solutions which fulfil stringent quality and security demands: Distributed cameras, recording and transmission of video signals, live presentation, use of digital networks, intelligent picture processing, integration of audio channels and control as a video system via a higher-order (often already existing) building-management system.

Due to the layout of modern airports with numerous separate buildings and areas, the need arises for multi-area surveillance systems with the flexibility to set up secondary control centres as well, for example. Emergency scenarios and the integration of mobile control stations also play an important role (e.g. iPhone/iPad).

The security requirements at airports are extremely high. Whether on the airfield or in the hangar, the terminal buildings, car parks or access roads: At airports, huge premises with a variety of areas must be monitored around the clock. In particular, expansive areas such as airfields are especially challenging for video surveillance.

The Virtual Matrix enables the transmission and recording of video and audio signals in broadcast quality via an Ethernet/IP network. Using this technology any number of cameras at an airport can be analysed, recorded and, if necessary, transmitted via the IP network. The implemented video compression enables camera pictures to be transmitted in real time and with the best possible quality and frame rate, even allowing convenient control of PTZ cameras. Recording also occurs in broadcast quality into a ring memory, which is automatically overwritten after a preset time has passed (e.g. 14 days).

Intelligent video analysis systems are especially suitable for outdoor applications, e.g. for fence surveillance. They can analyse relevant video pictures and, for example, identify a person moving in a certain direction within a certain area as suspicious and alert the higher-order management system. The live picture is then switched to one of the video surveillance monitors by the Virtual Matrix. The most modern algorithms, such as object classification, ensure that the false alarm rate from ambient environmental influences is minimised.

Trung Nam Company provides a management systems for control of all the devices, and also different interfaces for integration into an existing infrastructure.

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