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 We have been developing to be a distributor with integration of leading systems on electronics, telecommunications and information technology security.  We have gradually affirmed our brand and joined hands with strategic partners to launch general and convenient solutions, products and services, offering high performances for businesses.


TRUNG NAM  is the company operating in the fields of consulting, designing, deploying and supplying equipment and services specialized in the security, safety and automation industries as well as smart devices for projects especially in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Today, the explosion of broadband internet and the increase in value services on the Internet have created challenges on business strategies as well as updated technologies, requiring entrepreneurs to consolidate and develop their infrastructure of network and information technology continuously.

As recent trends, many new services and applications have been introduced such as systems for monitoring, surveillance, detection & warning, automatic signal control, etc. All of them are integrated based on IP-internet network. This is one of the services constituted in security and safety systems. TRUNG NAM is the one of leading companies in these fields. In addition to package product and solution supplies, we also provide services of consulting and deployment of fitting up general and professional systems which meet all requirements and conformity with actual use of all customers.

With skilled engineers who were carefully trained and the direct supports from the partner-producers, TRUNG NAM will surely provide customers professional and highest-quality services on monitoring, surveillance, warning and automatic control. The customers’ supplied applications are ensured to operate smoothly, conveniently and reliably, from keeping them running continuously to reaching and catching up rapidly changing technology today.